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'This is an hour crammed with gasp inducing moments, vast canyons of ice, torrents of water cascading off the tops of sheer white cliffs and the sudden repainting of the landscape into brown and green. There is limitless entertainment here and awe for both adults and older children. A real humdinger of an epic. Five Stars.'

The Great Melt - Daily Mail 8th Feb 2009

'The bears on Planet Earth II may just have saved 2016'

Planet Earth II Mountains - Twitter Nov 2016 

'Snow Leopards! 4 Snow Leopards in one shot. I can't even.... Genius.'

Planet Earth II Mountains - Twitter Nov 2016 

We will seldom get closer to being able to say 'Ah, that's what television is for'

Planet Earth II Mountains - Observer Nov 2016 

'Sadly I missed quite a bit of this programme due to an unexpected phone call!'

The Great Melt - BBC Audience feedback Feb 2009 

'Couldn't keep up. Half the time we were laughing, the other half our jaws were on the floor. Amazing, Outstanding, Astonishing.' 

Planet Earth II Mountains - Twitter Nov 2016 

'I have thoroughly enjoyed all 11 episodes of Planet Earth on BBC 1. Amazing stuff. Just one small criticism. Why are all the pictures out of focus? It makes it very hard to watch.' 

Planet Earth - BBC audience feedback Dec 2006

'Classic BBC Natural History, with stunning photography and a grand narrative filled with fascinating detail. 

The Great Melt - The Guardian 14th Feb 2009 


Planet Earth II Mountains - Daily Mail Nov 2016

'Feeling so low today, so much on my mind. Then watched Planet Earth II on iplayer. The beauty of our world blew me away.' 

Planet Earth II Mountains - Twitter Nov 2016 

'This must be the best television ever made. Astonishingly good.'

Planet Earth II Mountains - Gary Lineker Twitter Nov 2016 

'Showed Planet Earth II today to link with our mountains topic. 26 children captivated and blown away. Lovely to share it with them.' 

Planet Earth II Mountains - Twitter Nov 2016 

'WOW, this was spectacular. We were mesmerised by the sheer beauty of the photography and the wildlife. It was all 'ooohs' and 'aaahs' in our house. To see those pods of narwhals and beluga whales brought tears to my eyes and those guillemot fledglings, leaping off the cliff face closely followed by their parents. I hardly dared to take a breath! Fantastic stuff.' 

The Great Melt - Viewer BBC feedback Feb 2009 

'Possibly the most incredible programme I have seen in all my 40 years of TV watching. Deserves an Academy Award AND an Oscar for all the production team!' 

Planet Earth II Mountains - BBC Audience feedback Nov 2016 

'For my money the best thing on television' 

The Great Melt - Observer 15th Feb 2009 


The Great Melt - BBC Audience feedback Feb 2009 

'In the silent white expanses of the extreme north, the arctic wolf goes prowling for prey. Justin Anderson and skilled tracker John Lucas scour the landscape, looking for signs of this elusive relative of the grey wolf. Then the wind starts up and the going gets tough. An icily atmospheric documentary in sound that delivers more images than any wildlife film.' 

Among Arctic Wolves - Daily Mail - Pick of the day. 

'It's all swish jump cuts, dramatic rock music and laboured commentary on animals tearing each other to shreds. Just kidding! Planet Earth 2 remains the classiest best-shot doc around.'

Planet Earth II Mountains - Guardian Nov 2016 

'Could have done with seeing more snow leopards' 

Planet Earth II Mountains - My dad.

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