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Quick Quiz 

Least favourite moment on Planet Earth II

  • Falling ill and having to sit out filming in bed, on an oxygen cylinder, whilst suffering from AMS in India.


  • Being attacked by hoards of blood sucking Chuppa sangra bugs in Peru.


Favourite Planet Earth II mountain moments include;

  • Watching the sunset on Mont Blanc and sharing morning prayers and breakfast with Buddhist monks in a remote Himalayan monastery.


Ultimate Planet Earth II moment:

  • Seeing my first snow leopard, even though it was over a km away! (The crew did eventually get a lot closer!)


Favourite mountain food:

  • Momo’s (stuffed dumplings) and Gulag Jaman in India.


Most dangerous encounter:

  • A near miss with a rockfall in Ladakh.


Weirdest moment:

  • Our van overheating and then exploding whilst filming eagles in the Alps - France


Most embarrassing moment:

  • Being forced to sing ‘You’ve lost that loving feeling’ as an example of ‘British music’ during a ‘cultural exchange’ with our sherpas.


Favourite location:

  • Gokyo valley, Nepal, Beautiful blue/green lakes, the smell of wild cinnamon and Cho Oyu – the world’s sixth highest mountain and ‘the goddess of turquoise.’

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