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Planet Earth II - Mountains


In this episode we climb high in to the world’s great mountain ranges. Only a few pioneering animals have what it takes to survive up here and they tend to be some of the most illusive and mysterious animals on the planet.


Witness the first time ever that four snow leopards have been filmed together, as a mother and cub become trapped in a desperate fight between two rival males. Like crazy pole dancers, Grizzly bears comically rub on trees and a bobcat struggles to hunt for ducks without getting its feet wet.

Back Scratching / Pole Dancing bears


Tree rubbing, back scratching Grizzly bears cut loose to Cool and the Gang. 

The Bear's Necessities


Ever wondered what goes on in the woods when we're not there? A quirky behind the scenes revealing the scientific research into and filming of the pole dancing grizzly bears.

On Snow Leopard Mountain


In a remote village in the Himalaya Tsewang Norboo has grown up with snow leopards. In his own words he shares his experiences and reveals why community based conservation is vital to saving these remarkable cats.

Caught on Camera

October 25, 2016


A behind the scenes on how the Planet Earth 2 crew used remote camera traps to capture amazing new footage of snow leopards, high in the Himalaya. 

Alps Aerials - Hans Zimmer Planet Earth Suite.


The complete Planet Earth 2 title suite composed by Hans Zimmer, cut to footage from our Alps aerials filming. 

Tracking the Snow Leopard


Snow Leopard tracker Khenrab Phuntsog leads us through the mountains, looking for signs of the illusive grey ghost. 

Wild North America - Deserts


Journey to the Deserts, America's heart of stone. From the epic sand dunes of the Mexican pinacate to the cactus forests of Sonora, this is a land of iconic scenery and amazing stories of survival.  Harris hawks hunt in packs for rodents, Mustang fight for water and a sudden flash flood scours the canyonlands. Winter snows blanket the red rock of Monument Valley and at a secret location rare desert jaguars patrol the starlit night.60 minutes for Discovery Channel 

Wild North America - Mountains


From the Sierra Nevada to The Rockies and the great ranges of Alaska, America's mountain spine is a place of constant drama. From sudden avalanches to hurricane force blizzards, the animals that manage to survive here are the toughest of all Americans. Mountains goats struggle to cross raging torrents, bighorn sheep fight each other for control and Tiny pika survive by eating bird brains. 60 minutes for Discovery

Nature's Great Events - The Great Melt


The summer melt of Arctic ice, opening up nearly three million square miles of ocean and land, provides opportunities for millions of animals, including beluga whales, families of arctic foxes, vast colonies of seabirds and the fabled arctic unicorn, the narwhal. For polar bears, however, it is the toughest time of year. Why? How will they survive?

60 Minutes for BBC 1 

Tracking the White Wolf


The arctic wolf is one of the most illusive and least understood creatures on the planet. BBC Radio 4 presenter Justin Anderson teams up with one of the last Inuvialuit hunters, John Lucas, to try and get closer to these mysterious white wolves. An arctic adventure in sound. 30 minutes for Radio 4 Nature. 

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