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Justin Anderson - CV 

Justin has just completed producing and directing on the 'Mountains' episode of Planet Earth II for BBC 1. The film features some notable first including the first ever fight between 4 snow leopards. 

Alongside this main show he has been busy producing and editing a raft of digital short films including On Snow Leopard Mountain and The Bear's Necessities.

He worked for Silverback Films as a producer on the 'Deserts' and 'Mountains' episode of Wild North America for The Discovery Channel. 

In 2009 Justin travelled to the high Arctic to produce the highly acclaimed opening episode of Natures Great Events for BBC 1. 

His episode on 'The Great Melt' took him from Northern Canada to Svalbard in search of polar bears. 

Justin travelled to Banks Island in the Canadian Arctic to record and present a radio documentary on Arctic wolves and Inuvialuit hunters. Among Arctic Wolves was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 

In 2003 Justin was an Assistant Producer and sequence director for the 4 x Emmy Award winning Planet Earth series. Filming in Borneo, Madagascar, America and Australia for the episodes on Caves, Deserts and Frozen Worlds. 

Justin has 18 years of experience working across the Natural History genre from big budget blue chip, to fast turn around self edited, contributor led one offs. He has a track record of working in difficult locations with complex contributors. He prides himself on a history of good relationships built with the top camera, editing and production team talents. 

He has experienced the pressure of producing an opening episode for a large scale BBC 1 production and has been interviewed widely across the BBC including BBC Breakfast and BBC Radio. 

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